Why Babies Spit Up

Your baby, as we all know, is just getting the hang of the things he must do. This is because he spent months inside his mother’s womb and they are not used to the things that they need to do outside in the real world. This is especially true when it comes to feeding your baby. There may be times when you give him a formula but what he does is just spitting it up. Now, you become worried if there is something wrong with him or is he having a health issue. Do not panic, mom, because we will be here to explain to you why this happens and what to do.

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Why Does My Baby Spit Up?

Most of the babies spit up due to the fact that they are just getting the hang of feeding. It is said that almost half of young ones do spit up frequently. Spitting up, also known as physiological or uncomplicated reflux happens during the month of your baby. This is how it happens. Your baby inhales air as he feeds on breast milk or formula thus, the air gets trapped in with the liquid. This swallowed air must come up and when it does, portion of the liquid comes up as well. This can come out through your baby’s mouth or nose. There are some babies who really like to eat a lot to gain nourishment. As a result, he becomes overfilled. Also, it is important to take note that your baby’s digestive system is not fully developed yet. These muscles that are located at the bottom of your baby’s esophagus which are the ones responsible in controlling whether food is coming or going maystill be functioning a little.

What To Do When Your Baby Spits Up

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  1. Position your baby in a fairly upright position when feeding him. There may be times when you feed him while he’s slouched such as curled up in your arms or sitting ina car seat but these must not be done and are completely wrong. This is because milk do not go a straight path to his tummy.
  2. Avoid feeding him in a crowded and noisy place. This can cause distractions to you baby. If you cannot avoid it feeding him in a noisy location, do your best to at least minimize it. Also, do not let him become too hungry before you start feeding him. If he feels disturbed and distracted, he may tend to swallow more air along with the formula or breast milk.
  3. If you are using a drinking formula or pumped breast milk from a bottle, make sure that the nipple is either not too small or big for your baby. If it’s small, he will be frustrated and will have him swallow more air than expected. If it’s big, the liquid will come to his mouth quickly he will be gulping it at no time.
  4. Do not forget to burp your baby. There may be instances wherein your baby takes a pause when feeding. Take this as an advantage and make him burp. Do not be worried if your baby doesn’t burp yet. It could mean that he doesn’t need to do so.
  5. Even the clothes of your baby can affect his feeding experience. You have to make sure your baby’s clothing isn’t too tight and do not put him over your shoulder when making him burp.
  6. Sometimes, the reason why your baby keeps burping is that you are giving him too much food to eat. You have to experiment the amount of formula he will need. Say for example, give him a little less during this day and see if it is enough and he is satisfied. If he is not, then you might want to add more. Observe if you are feeding him too much because it can cause spitting up.
  7. In sleeping, if he tends to spit up during sleeping hours then, elevate his head. It is highly not recommended to have your baby sleep with a pillow. Instead, you can put foam wedge under one end of his mattress or put the head of his crib safely on blocks.

Keep in mind that as the muscles of your baby develops and becomes stronger, he will be able to maintain the foods that he eats in his tummy. It is a fact that most babies stop spitting up in about 6 or 7 months of age. Sitting up on their own can also be a sign that he will no longer spit up. However, there may be few of them who will continue to do so until their first year.

There may be times when moms think of spitting up as vomiting. It is important to remember that vomiting requires force and releases a great quantity of food. It can be easily identified if it is spitting up or vomiting by looking at the quantity.

Spitting up can be a serious health concern. When you baby tends to spit up so much that he doesn’t gain weight anymore may have been experiencing gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.

Do not hesitate to give your doctor a call when your baby does projectile vomiting. This can be observed when your baby vomits and shoots across the room. This can be a serious symptom of pyloric stenosis wherein the muscles at the bottom of the stomach become thick and prevent the flow of food to the small intestine. This usually happens at about 1 month of age.

As your baby feeds on the foods he is given, he may spit them up which can be just normal as they are still busy developing their digestive system. There may be times when he spits up so much because of some factors that must be avoided. Also, you have to take note of the vomiting of your child. This must not be mistaken as spitting up and must be reported to your child’s pediatrician immediately. Making sure that your baby gets the proper hang of feeding is one of the most important things parents must observe.
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