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Eating is one way for us humans to get in good shape. We do it everyday so we do not lose any nutrition we can receive from those healthy foods that we eat. It is also our means of gaining or losing weight, getting slim or sexy, voluptuous or thin and so on and so forth. However, what if eating is the one that actually affects your overall health? What are these things that cause people to have eating disorders? What could be the possible ways to help children with anorexia? In this helpful page, we will shed light to what anorexia really is and the effective ways on how to deal with it.

children anorexia

Many of us have our own goals when eating. Therefore, we seek different kind of ways in eating to achieve those goals. People with anorexia is also the same but with absolutely different kind of eating. They are usually the ones who excel in school and always obey their parents. As a result, their eating disorders are often concealed. This makes it difficult for it to be detected. First of all, let me explain to you what anorexia is all about.

What is Anorexia?

Anorexia can be defined as a complex eating disorder. These three listed below are what pretty sum up its description

1. People with anorexia doesn’t like having a healthy body weight.

childen hate food

Children with anorexia hates having a healthy body weight. While most of their relatives might tell them that they are skinny enough, they can’t help but to lose more. When eating during mealtime, they may pretend to be eating but later on they will spit the food that they have put inside their mouth. They may also throw up to let out all the food that they have eaten. They will do all that they can to refuse maintaining a reasonable amount of weight for their body.

2. They have extreme fear of gaining weight.

my child is not gaining weight

They have unexplainable fear of gaining weight. When they gain at least a few punds, they immediately feel stressed and depressed. Therefore, they let themselves undergo a very strict diet. They might resort to only-vegetable-eating to ensure they do not become fat when in fact they are already very much thin. Also, they may always look at nutrition facts or labels of food containing the nutrients and other specifics to know what they are getting themselves into. They are so much obsessed at reading recipe books and food magazines so they can get new ideas on how to maintain their body weight. These are only some of the ways anorexic people do out of fear of gaining weight.

3. They have different view of a healthy body.

Anorexic ones think that they can never be skinny enough so they work themselves too much and even starve themselves to get thin. When there’s somebody who tells them that they look extremely thin and unhealthy, they will always find excuses such as school pressure, or stomach ache that cause them to be what they are. This is to avoid people discovering their obsession with maintaining their body weight and not even getting a pound addition. They look at things differently especially when it comes to people’s weight and body.

Treatment for Anorexia

Anorexia might sound so difficult to be prevented but actually, with the right counseling and getting help from the experts, anorexic people might be able to withdraw themselves to this damaging and unhealthy lifestyle. Below are some ways to prevent and stop anorexia from stealing your beautiful life.

1. Admit that you can never be perfect.

As already mentioned, anorexic people are known to be very detailed and perfectionists people. This makes it hard for them to admit that they can never achieve perfection in all things especially in terms of body weight. You, as the person experiencing this kind of disorder must admit to yourself that not all can be within your control no matter how hard you try to do the opposite. This will help you understand what situation you are currently under so that you can move on and hopefully quit doing those things that you usually do.

2. Have a person to listen to you.

Sometimes, it’s very hard to keep to ourselves what we have been experiencing or have experienced. Therefore, having a reliable and trustworthy person to tell your problem will help you unload your burden in life. It may not be easy since you may have kept it a secret for a very long time but if you truly trust this person, you will have no problem sharing it to him or her.

3. Eliminate Things That Trigger Anorexia

One of the effective ways to recover from anorexia is to actually stay away from the things that are making you obsessed with being thin. For example, if you have bought several fitness magazines, diet books or recipe books, you have to get them away from you so as not to trigger anorexia. Do not hang out with people who are always talking about diet. In this way, there won’t be hindrance to your recovery from it.

4. Seek professional help.

Of course, this must be the most important one. You have to seek for professional help. Experts of this eating disorders are the ones who have studied about it for many years and found ways to help anorexic people to recover from it. Do not be afraid of doing so because they are always more than happy to lend a hand to people like you.

Anorexia might be new to your ears but there are people who painfully experience this disorder and think that there is no wat out of it. However, if anorexic ones will do the suggested list for recovery, they can successfully escape it and move on healthily with their own life. As for us, we need to have utmost consideration and understanding of what they are experiencing and let us help them get over it in the best possible way that we can.

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