Exciting Tips and Resources For Developmental Milestones

Baby’s development, when it comes to our baby’s growth we are almost being careful and aware of all responsibility towards them. This phrase of baby’s development is the most enjoyable moment to see our baby growing.

developmental milestones


So you must read this article which gives you ideas about what new things is added in your baby’s development.

1. Making schedule for baby diet

A proper diet is very important for baby’s growth.

2. Set timings

set timings


As per timings we should make a proper schedule for feeding baby so we can feed them on time and we don’t skip their food. This makes mother free to do other work, and gives equal importance on baby’s food.

3. Disadvantage of not making a schedule:

When we don’t make proper timings for baby’s diet, we get disturb and all work is not done in perfect timings and both mother-babies are disturbed, everything happens in wrong time like baby’s sleep, eating, playing and all. Making a schedule is a good habit for both mother and baby for both keeping active.

4. Activities for Babies up to 0 to 6 Months



Activity by baby is the best to be seen in them. There are many different types of activities we see in baby from starting months to 6 months like crawling, hearing, leg-kicking, shaking, moving, stretching and many more. Babies are so smart that what we think they are beyond the expectations.

5. Hearing

child hearing


We should check that baby is giving response to our saying when we call them, and observing all sounds from nearby it comes. Babies love to hear some nice slow music which makes them feel good, they feel fresh and happy.

6. Stretching

Stretching helps their body to make them stronger. We do everyday our baby massage by applying oil and we make them to do baby’s exercise so they becomes strong and keep them active.

7. Moving objects

Your baby may be interested in observing the objects here and there. We should take them out in garden and make them observe the things around them.

8. Interaction with us

The best thing to interact with babies, see what he does when we talk with them, gives his cute reactions. They interact with us with their voice by making sounds which feels us a song.

9. Giving food according seasonal change

We can give seasonal fruits to baby for a change to baby diet, which makes different in taste. We should try everything for baby giving all seasonal things which are good for baby health.

10. Watch the food temperature

We should always check the temperature of food served to baby. We should always check about hot and cold things before giving to child. Food should be warmer than the room temperature which is good for baby.

11. Safety with food

We should never let go things when it comes to keep safe and clean things for baby food. The things of baby should be kept in hygiene and bacteria free places. So they free from all diseases and make them healthier.

12. Baby’s sleep

The most important thing which helps to baby for perfect development is his sleep. Sleep is very much important for baby’s freshness, growth and a healthily body.

13. Brain Development​

The most important thing is the development of baby’s precious part of body is his brain, which is having been careful in early stages of a growing baby. We have to take proper care while holding baby and putting him in the cradle. The moment of holding baby and roaming out is to be taken properly care of.

​14. Play and Learning

Baby starts learning while playing. We should give those things to them for playing which helps them to use their brains to execute their activeness. Toys like chopsticks, building blocks, counting chips and all are helpful for babies. This catch up very fast learning while playing.

​15. Behaviour

The fast changing thing we can see in baby is the behaviour. Its changes faster inevery month as we see in them. There are very unique things we notice in baby according totheir age and growth in their body development. We can see changing things in them inevery section like playing, sleeping, having food and many more.

16. How to make baby bath​

The careful thing about making baby bath is to check the water temperatureand keep them bath with warm water, use only baby products and not theother simple soaps and all. Hold baby properly and carefully while bathing.Watch out what baby does while bathing and make them feel fresh by doing this.

Grap all beautiful moments with your baby and give them a healthier brightfuture in life, make your child the strongest amongst all.

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