How Can You Prevent Choking for Children

As we all know, babies and toddlers have not enough development especially during eating. They have few teeth to use and only use the front teeth. However, unless they have practiced it themselves, they cannot chew the food and swallow it properly. Thus, close supervision is very much advised by the pediatrician to avoid choking hazards. With the help of right guidelines to follow, you can prevent children from choking. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to see their child enjoying eating and at the same time being careful and safe. In this article, we will talk about what choking is, how to prevent it and how to ensure utmost safety of your baby or toddlers from it.

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According to data, there is at least 1 out of 5 children who die from choking in the United States and there are approximately 10,000 children who are delivered to the hospitals every year because of the said problem. Therefore, this presents how serious and alarming it can be to the children if it’s not prevented. But we do believe that every problem has a corresponding solution that’s why we are here to enlighten you of this matter as well as offer possible ways to avoid your children from choking. First of all, let us define to you what choking is.


What is Choking?

If a child is experiencing choking, it means that the trachea (windpipe) is blocked by food or toy and results to difficulty in breathing in and out of the lungs. While this can sometimes not become serious, there are also times when it can be an emergency especially when the child cannot speak, talk and is already panicking. This is because the brain is deprived of oxygen and the airway does not function normally as it usually does.


What are the causes of Choking?

There are several ways your child can lead to choking. The following are some of the most common causes of choking.

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1. Foods such as hotdogs that are cut into a coin shape, fish with bones, sausages, meats, popcorn, nuggets, and chips are not recommended. Also, who would’ve thought that candies also is the primary cause of choking? Hard or sticky candies, lollipops, chewing gums, marshmallows, jelly beans and caramels are to be avoided. Watch out also for fruits like whole grapes, raw vegetables, peas, fruits with skins, seeds, cherries, carrots and celery. Avoid peanut butter, ice cubes and cheese cakes.


Furthermore, you also have to consider the food size, shape and texture as they are the sole reason of choking when it comes to food. It is important to take note that the size of a child’s trachea can be compared to the diameter of straw. Can you imagine that even a small size of candy can easily block the windpipe and cause choking? Combination of these three can be dangerous so you have to make sure your child doesn’t eat these kind of foods.

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2. Toys can also be blamed for choking of children. Children explore their world and anything that surrounds them by touching and bringing them to their mouth. As such, these things must be kept away from your child such as latex balloons, marbles, tiny balls, pens, coins, crayons, staples, safety pins, rings, earrings, small stones, figures, small parts of toys, syringes, button type batteries and holiday decorations.


How to Prevent Choking

As we said, prevention is better than cure. Every problem could be avoided if we decide to take action to stop it from occurring. In our case, to prevent choking you have to take note of these 3 simple things for you to have a successful prevention of choking for children.


1. Parents’ Supervision

If anything, parents’ supervision is one of the most important things that must not be forgotten. Children’s safety is the responsibility of the parents and they have to do their best so that they can be sure they are always safe. For example, when eating or during feeding time, parents must be there all throughout the session to ensure there won’t be any trouble that will happen. Let’s keep in mind that a careful and smart parents will have a large impact in prevention of choking.


2. Keep Away Things That Cause Choking Hazards

We already included those things (foods and toys) that can be the possible causes of choking of children. Therefore, what’s left to do is to make sure all these things are kept away from them and stored in a safe place away from their contact. In this way, there will not be circumstances wherein your child swallows this and that and whatnot. Another thing that’s also relevant is to not buy things that are inappropriate for your child’s age. Manufacturing companies now label their products according to the age standards for children for safety. Take advantage of this and buy wisely!


3. Well-informed

It is also of high importance to be well-informed about choking. This will help you as a parent to be aware of the possible symptoms, sings, causes and prevention for choking. This is especially true when your child gets choked, you can apply the life-saving techniques that you have learned from books, internet, and experts. Remember, little learning is dangerous!


Choking can be deadly especially to the young ones. We know that they still have to be fully developed to better understand the proper eating such as chewing and swallowing the food to avoid choking. However, this should not be an excuse for the parents to neglect their child and let it happen to them. Prevention is the key to avoid this and this can only be achieved if everyone obeys what’s listed above.

There are lots of ways we can let our child grow healthy and safe. We must not deprive them of safety and security. To obtain this, you have to carefully plan and also be updated of the risks that might happen to your child. Let us always keep in mind that doing the things recommended by the experts and obeying every rule will ensure your child’s safety.


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