Your Baby’s First Walk

It is no doubt that most mothers consider their baby’s first steps as the most rewarding one in their life. This is because it symbolizes the journey of the child towards independence. Apart from that, there are many stages their babies undergo before finally being able to walk on their own. This makes it completely a relief of a mother seeing her child slowly learning to roll over, crawl, stand and lastly, walk. Thus, many of them are very keen in observing their child’s development as he grows up. There is practically a timeline that moms should update every so often to monitor their babies’ growth.

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Some of you might be wandering about the right age of you baby to be able to walk. However, we don’t want you to stress yourself, mom, thinking about it because really, babies have different growth and development. Some of them may grow faster and soon taking his first few steps while others may still be learning how to stand and bend their knees in order to sit down. Moreover, there are things to be noted when anticipating your baby’s first walk. We have gathered these useful information in this article and we hope we will be able to enlighten you, mom!

Right Time

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Majority of the babies take their first steps between 9 and 12 months. They are already walking between 14 to 15 months old. However, do not be worried if your child doesn’t achieve it during this period. Some of them are perfectly normal and do not learn to walk until they reach 16 or 17 months old. It is in the first year that a baby develops his coordination and muscle strength in all parts of his body. He could learn sitting, rolling over, and crawling before proceeding to pulling up and standing within 9 months

How Do Babies Learn To Walk

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We all know that babies still don’t have strong legs to get themselves walking on their own, however, if you hold him upright under his arms, his legs will do the work and his feet will push any surface down enabling him to almost walk. This is known to be a reflective action and it can only be observed for a couple of months.At about 6 months, your baby can let himself bounce up and down given that you place him on your thighs allowing him to balance himself. It will be his favorite activity for the next two months to come as he is busy developing his muscles. For the meantime, he may master rolling over, sitting and also crawling.Your baby will then begin supporting himself while holding on to furniture at your home. Thus, it is advisable that you keep things at home organized and sturdy so as to avoid any accident that may happen while your baby is doing this. When you decide to help him along to proceed to the sofa, he will hang on tight.At 9 or 10 months, your baby will start to learn how to stand to bend his knees and how to sit after letting himself stand. After mastering his position while standing, he will begin cruising. This means he will use the things around him to keep himself moving. Who knows? He may even be able to go walking without doing so! Also, during this time, he may be able to get a toy while maintaining his standing position.At 12 months, most toddlers learn to walk finally although not steady as it can be. Do not worry yourself if your little one just isn’t able to learn to walk. It just goes to show that he will take longer time to do it soon.

Helping Your Baby To Walk

As we have already mentioned, your baby might still be exploring how to stand and stay at that position. Moreover, you may need to help him to get back down. If he suddenly cries and gets stuck, do not just attend to him and put him in a sitting position. It is important that you demonstrate to him how to bend his knees to get to sit on his own.

Motivating him to take his first steps can be a good idea. You can encourage him to come to you while you are holding both of his hands. You can have your baby walk by standing or kneeling in front of him and holding out your hands. Also, you can buy him a toddler toy as he might probably enjoy holding one in his hand while trying to walk.

Is Baby Walker Good For My Baby?

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) made it clear that using baby walkers is definitely not recommended by them. The reason for that is because babies do not properly learn how to walk while using these. These hinder them to develop their body muscles correctly. Furthermore, baby walkers are the primary reason that babies tend to go to hospital due to them reaching hot items and poisonous things at home. In fact, because of using them, thousands of baby are delivered to the hospital because of the said reasons. Canada even banned the use of these and encourages the United States to do the same.

When Should I Let My Baby Wear Shoes

First of all, observe if your baby is walking on rough and cold surfaces and going outside regularly. If he does, buying baby shoes is recommended. However, it is important to take note that babies tend to enhance their balance and movement when they are barefoot.Doctors say that even normal babies can have the possibility to learn to walk a little behind than majority. Let us keep in mind that every baby has his own timetable and you don’t want to compare yours to your friend’s or relative’s. It is advisable that you keep track of your baby’s development and list down any remarkable improvement. If your baby still isn’t able to do walking on her own until 2 years of age, then you might want to consult to your child’s doctor to be guided on what steps to do next.

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