What To Do For Your Baby’s First Haircut

It may come as no surprise that as your baby grows up, he also grows his hair. It is inevitable and you certainly have to make sure your baby doesn’t look like a refuge because of that ugly hair. There are lots of signs you can tell your baby really needs to go to the hair salon already and you don’t want to go to one which is not used to cutting babies’ hair. As such, we have come up a guide for your first baby haircut. This article will discuss all that’s relevant for having your baby’s haircut an exciting and trouble-free experience.

Baby's First Haircut


First of all, there must be a reason why you have to cut your baby’s hair. While there may be a lot reasons for that, the most popular one is that your baby looks bad with that hairstyle. Now, as a mother, you want to give your baby the best look as possible and one way is to let the hairstylist choose the best one for him. This of course, needs a particular guideline so it will be successful and will not be a disaster. You have to carefully plan the steps you are going to take for this remarkable event of your baby’s life. Therefore, you have to follow these three major pointers for it to turn out good.




Baby Haircut Practice



Your baby could be scared when he enters the hair salon and get his hair cut for the very first time. This is because he is completely new to the experience. Add to that the unfamiliar smells, equipment and faces – he could cry if he feels frightened. Therefore, you might want to have him sit on a chair in front of a mirror and pretend cutting his hair with your fingers at home. You may want to tell him that what you’re doing will be done in a hair salon. Make him understand the procedure because that way he will be less scared when the time comes for the haircut.


Don’t Use “Cut”

While the word “cut” may be the frequently used one, don’t tell your baby the word “cut” when he will have a haircut. That word may scare him and cause to not go with you. Also, he may have a wrong interpretation of the word that’s why it is recommended that you avoid using this word. Instead, you should use the word “shear” so it will have less impact on him.


Choosing Hair Salon

chose-hair salon for baby


This stage will determine if your baby will experience a good result or a not-so-good one. It has been said that you don’t necessarily have to just go to kids’ salon but also inquire in salon that are for adults too. It is because you don’t want to limit yourself with few options. In addition, if you know somebody who is knowledgeable about the best salon for kids the, don’t hesitate to ask for an advise. If you live in a place where kids’ salons are nowhere to be seen then, you might want to resort to an adults’ salon. Just go there and ask if there is someone good and comfortable doing haircut for a baby.



The best time to give your baby a haircut is between mealtime and naptime. It is because your baby will not be hungry during the haircut session. And we all know that a hungry baby is an unhappy baby. In addition, doing so will help your baby feel fresh and just in mood. That could means a well-executed plan for your baby if you do it right! Moreover, you may also want to consider bringing your husband or relative to accompany the two of you. If there is available time, you can ask him or her to go with you and your baby.


Plan The Things To Be Brought

This is one of the important things that must not be overlooked. You have to foresee about what might happen in the hair salon. Since your baby might feel uneasy due to the new place, he could go crying and that would definitely ruin the schedule. Thus, bringing some valuable things with you to serve as distractions while he’s having a haircut will be a bright idea! If you plan to have him watch a movie or clip, you have to make sure he is familiar with it and it is something he really loves. Bring with you an iPad and let him enjoy the time. You can also bring some toys or books to distract him whilst doing the haircut.


Mood Of The Baby

mood of the baby


Lastly, this must be considered before going to the hair salon. You may have planned well ahead and prepared the needed things but if your baby just doesn’t feel like doing it then, cancel the appointment. This is the best thing to do because it will determine what kind of haircut experience he will get. Also, you don’t want to bother the hairstylist and other people who will be there in the salon once he starts crying or throwing tantrums.




Ask Assistance From Husband/Relative

If you still remember, we said that having at your husband or one relative to go with you is recommended. This is because you will need him or her to distract your baby with toys, books or movies while he is on your lap having a haircut. Sometimes, your baby can get a little troublesome so it is advisable to let him sit on your lap while your husband or relative does his or her work.


Never Leave Your Baby

It is important that you always stay beside your baby or within his sight. As we all know, babies tend to cry a lot when their mothers leave them to strangers. Thus, you have to be there all throughout the session. Make sure your baby is comfortable and feeling good while you are there to avoid interruption. It is also good that you guide the hairstylist about your desired hairstyle for your baby.



After the haircut, you may notice if the hairstylist did his or her job well or not. Examine if your baby is comfortable with the new haircut and of course looks good with it. If yes, then it is advised that you come back there since you like the results. If not, you might want to consider choosing a different hair salon for your baby next time. Keep in mind also that even though you don’t like the outcome, your baby’s hair will continue to grow again in time for the next haircut.


Taking good care of your baby also means providing him the best hairstyle he can get especially if it will be the first time. It is a must that you pay attention if he’s completely comfortable with it or not. However, you have to make sure you carefully plan before this event or you will have some stressful moments when taking him to the hair salon. Do not forget the things your baby will need beforehand so you get prepared well ahead. Remember that his very first haircut will affect his future thinking of going to hair salons so get psyched, be prepared and enjoy!

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